Read Post of 11 March 2012 for background to this 4-part series.

Following the Seed of Life blessing in March, the Cosmic Master Thoth returns on this full moon, also Good Friday, with the blessing of the Flower of Life tablet:

In thy Heart dwells a pair of triangular twins

Brother clothed in gold; Sister draped in silver

Encircled by the Christ Light of your soul.

As Heaven rains and Earth burns, Heart of twins flowers with diamond shine.

May I invite you to contemplate and decode the meaning of this tablet? Visualise the Flower of Life symbol (shown above) seated on your heart chakra as you do so. Additionally, you may listen to the Hall of Life energy transmission gifted by Thoth on the full moon of March, for revitalising the physical heart and correspondingly, your entire body. Many Blessings, Ann.

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