At the Song of the Stars workshop in Sydney, Goddess Isis gifted us with a powerful energy activation for releasing old archetypal energies which no longer serve our highest good. Go to Isis Easter Gift to read about Archetypal Patterns and access the energy transmission.

Transmuting outdated archetypal patterns is one important aspect of preparing the human body to house the 5th dimensional energy frequency – this is one of the deliverables of the workshop. The programme will be repeated in Hong Kong from 4th to 6th May during the Vesak full moon. For details and registration info, please go to Song of the Stars workshop.

Here’s what some of the Sydney participants have to say after spending 3 days with our spiritual hosts:

I am very grateful for Ann and Andy for coming to Australia. As a facilitator, I find Ann to be generous of a deep capacity to share, to channel from the highest realms and in empowering us to change…  Ann embodies integrity, honesty, self awareness and purity of channel and connection. There is no ego, only a balance and alignment in her that stands strong in the Truth…  With this workshop,  Ann has given us really practical skills and techniques to percolate and develop. I feel I’ve graduated from a meandering stream to a river with a current, with a sense of flow and direction.  I would 100% recommend it. ~ Kerry

I take away a lot of self knowledge…it’s helped me find the passion for the 5th Dimension and understanding my part and contribution in it. ~ Christine

It’s been a privilege to be part of the group. What I got from this workshop is understanding of my place and role, and the way forward, in terms of what I need to focus on, what I need to practise. ~ Sharif

The work I’ve been doing in the last 2 years on my own has gelled together in these last few days. ~ Lisa