Recently Master Elijah reminded us to connect to our higher self, especially during times when guidance is needed. (Click HERE to see post) This reminded me of something I learnt from Esther Hicks’ series when she was channelling messages from Abraham (Law of Attraction). Abraham pointed out that while we are in human form, we have largely forgotten about who we really are, which therefore means that the mass consciousness created by humans may not be the best counsel! However, since we have also lost connection with our higher self, our tendency is to go along with the external influences. Abraham also goes on to mention that as we enter the transition phase after death, we are faced with an unfamiliar territory and naturally, we would become distrustful of our environment.

More ideally, Abraham helpfully pointed out, is that we should be listening to our own voice from the higher self during our incarnation on Earth, and upon death, surrender to the infinite wisdom, care and kindness of the pure soul energy that surrounds us.

It almost feels like a cosmic joke that humans are fundamentally social animals and would instinctually seek approval and go along with the majority. If you are reading this, however, then chances are you probably don’t go along with the majority in many respects, but I bet it’s still tough at times to be swimming against the current! I guess if we use our higher self as our anchor when we get tired, then at least we wouldn’t be so easily swept away!