I have been told by Spirit that the coming New Moon in Taurus is significant in two aspects.

1. Balancing Heart and Mind

Gautama Buddha has taught that ascension is about awakening the lotus heart (Love, Compassion) and the illuminated mind (Wisdom) and integrating these two aspects of our divinity to become a Balanced God Being. Read post of 23rd Feb 2012.

The Full Moon of April 2012, also Good Friday, provided a window for a mass activation of the Christ Consciousness (lotus heart/love) in humanity. The Full Moon of May 2012, Vesak Festival, will usher in ascension energies for awakening the Buddhic Consciousness (illuminated mind/wisdom). The mid-point between these two high energy days -when we will be endowed with spiritual forces for balancing our Heart and Mind – falls exactly on the coming New Moon in Taurus, 21st April.

2. Transition through the Consciousness Time Zone

Over the period of the 9 New Moons between 21st April and 13th Dec 2012, Earth will prepare herself for a final transition to the 5th Dimension. As this happens, more people may experience disorientation of the mind and confusion in their lives, due to the space time overlap between the 3rd and 5th Dimension. In particular, our experience of Time will be altered greatly.

As Judy Satori shared in her April 2012 Full Moon Transmission (available at www.thesoundoflight.com), we are moving away from the 3D linear time of Past, Present and Future to Cosmic Time or Now Time. There are 9 aspects of Now Time : Past Past, Past Present, Past Future, Present Past, Present Present, Present Future, Future Past, Future Present and Future Future. I am told by Spirit that for those of us who are already awakening to our 5D consciousness, the phasing-in of the Now Time will be felt more intensely from this New Moon.

New Moon signifies a new beginning and the number ‘9’ symbolises a completion. I am also told the 9 New Moons ahead mean completing the transition of consciousness time zone by activating the programming of each of these 9 aspects of Now Time at each New Moon, April through December 2012, in order to assist the human mind to interpret and function more effectively under Cosmic Time consciousness come January 2013.

Cosmic Gateway Opening 21st April 2012

My guides have earlier told me of a cosmic gate opening on April New Moon which they call ‘Synthesis of the Living Light’. Its true significance was only revealed to me yesterday, thus I was asked to put out this message. We can expect a bombardment of cosmic energy onto Earth on that day which we can channel and utilise for (a) Heart-Mind Integration, meaning Love-Wisdom Harmony; and (b) activation of Cosmic Time programming to facilitate transition to 5D Time Zone.

More Seats Added for Master Teaching Class Singapore, 20th April 2012

On the Pre-New Moon evening, I will be channeling this cosmic wave ‘Synthesis of the Living Light’ through 5 great Masters: the Mahatma, Melchizedek, Melchior, Metatron and Maitreya and anchor it onto our Light Body for the purposes outlined. There will also be a Q&A session hosted by Lord Maitreya. Full program available HERE.

Due to the significance of this cosmic event, we’ve made arrangements to accommodate more participants. If you or your friends are interested to attend this event,  please register via email : anntay@acast.me before Friday.

Unable to Join Us?

You are welcome to connect with the session energetically. All you need to do is to set the intent for your higher self to be present to receive the teachings and activations.  Alternatively, look out for the release of the audio recording of this event.

Many Blessings, Ann.