Please read post of 17 April 2012 for background information on the Cosmic Gateway Opening, 21st April 2012.

During the New Moon Master Teaching Class which was just completed in Singapore a few hours ago, the Elohim gifted us with the energy activations for unlocking the cosmic codes released through the portal referred by the Cosmic Master Mahatma as the ‘Synthesis of the Living Light’.

These sound and light codes for reprogramming the human mind to interpret and utilise the higher dimensional time zones were received by two of our healer friends – Fana and Cezann Mer’Sindor – prior to tonight. They have channeled these sacred codes as geometrical drawings (see above) which were activated by tonight’s Light Language transmissions from the Elohim.

If you feel the pull, you may use the channeled drawings as a meditation tool for bringing forth this Cosmic Light for New Life on the New Earth (expression assigned by The Elohim) on this New Moon.

We thank Fana and Cezann for sharing their gifts with the world. Click Cosmic Codes 20 April 2012  to download a copy of these drawings.

If you are keen to know more about Cezann’s healing work or to order a personalized drawing for manifesting your desired realities, you’re welcomed to email Cezann at

The full interpretations of these drawings were channeled as part of tonight’s teachings by The Elohim. The audio recording of the event (energy transmissions included) will be available for ordering in the next few days.

Many New Moon Blessings to All. Much Love, Ann.