Message from Thoth : Children of the Sun, may you heed the calling of your soul to step forward to receive this gift of ascension  –  Channeled 22 April 12

As a continuation of the recent teachings by The Elohim on understanding and preparing the Mind and Body to function within Cosmic Time of 5th dimension, the great Master Thoth will channel through me, the codes of The Key To Time of the Emerald Tablet and deliver teachings on other ascension related topics on the next New Moon (also Solar Eclipse), 20 May 2012. Programme also includes energy activations to quicken soul remembrance of ascension knowledge and an initiation onto The Path of Ascension Through New Creation Light. Full programme and registration information available at Remembering Keys to Ascension.

If you are interested to receive these teachings and energy transmissions, but unable to join us physically, you may look out for the audio recording to be released after the event. Blessings, Ann