On Monday, Fred makes his way to his office car-park at the end of the day and a colleague offered him a smoke in the lobby. Well I can’t remember the last time I did this, Fred thinks to himself, and it IS Monday!

On Tuesday, Fred goes on a business trip, it’s evening time when he finally gets to his destination. Fred orders a large steak and a strong beer. What a day, he muses, once in a while is OK!

On Wednesday, Fred has a tough day. Faced with the choice of hitting the gym or hitting the bottle, Fred heads for the bar with his work mates. Well everyone is going to the bar and missing the gym this once is not going to make a lot of difference!

On Thursday, Fred loses his cool with his boss about his sales bonus. I am an easy-going guy really, he exclaims, but I just have this thing about my bonuses!

On Friday, Fred collapses on the pavement on his way home from work. As his head hits the concrete, he thinks to himself, so unfair, I hardly smoke, rarely drink, I mostly eat sensibly and I am a really nice guy…