I was told by Archangel Metatron that the Sun’s solar activities will continue to rise after 2012, given that its transition to a higher envelope of light (similar process as the the Earth’s ascension) will be completed and stabilised only in a few years’ time. This means Earth’s magnetosphere will continue to be infiltrated with radiations from the solar flares which can penetrate into the air molecules and accordingly, the food we consume.

I was also told that it will require some time for the human physical body to develop a natural immunity against these radiations. This will take place when the physical body becomes fully integrated with the higher dimensional matrix of his light body. Until then, purification of food items is essential in order that the body does not accumulate excessive toxicity by absorbing harmful radiation.

This morning my healer friend Fana Gueye and I were guided by AA Metatron and The Elohim to produce the following geometrical drawings for food / drinks coding purposes.  Activated with the Light Language transmissions from Source ‘YAWEH’ and Earth’s crystal core, these codes also act as catalyst for activating the dormant DNA strands in the human blueprint.

Diagram A. For Coding Food To be Consumed by Men. (Click image for a larger view. To save image, right click on image in either view, then choose “save image as…”)

Diagram B. For Coding Food To Be Consumed by Women. (Click image for a larger view. To save image, right click on image in either view, then choose “save image as…”)

Note: When used, the Women’s codes automatically trigger similiar cleansing effect on Earth’s body as well as the children of these female users. For this reason, the Women’s Codes appear more sophisticated and complex.

Application Guidelines.

1. First time activation of the codes. Perform only once per hardcopy printed.

a) Men’s Codes – Connect with and project Love vibration from Heart Chakra onto the concentric rings of the picture

b) Women’s Codes – Connect with and project Wisdom from Third Eye onto the concentric rings of the picture

2. Picture can be resized as necessary or made into table mat or coaster. I suggest laminating the hardcopy to protect it from being damaged.

3. Place food on top of the picture for at least 30 seconds each time.

4. We were told these food purification codes are good to be used for the next 6 to 9 months, that is till December 2012.

May you be blessed with great health. Blessings, Ann.

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