A friend of mine, who is 4 months pregnant, has been asked by Archangel Metatron to purify all her food before eating them to protect her baby from absorbing any discordant or misqualified vibration that might have penetrated the food.  In the beginning, my friend was doing the food coding very enthusiastically. After a while, the ritual became a hassle and an inconvenience, especially when she had to dine at restaurants or was extremely hungry. She also noticed each time she forgot to cleanse her food, she’ll suffer from indigestion soon after.

Prompted by my guides, I suggested she brings the Future into the Present by performing the food coding only for her breakfast but visualise herself about to eat all day’s meals. She tried this technique the next day and gladly shared it has worked perfectly for her. There was no indigestion or other ‘signs of protest’ from her body or her baby.


Archangel Metatron explained this is an example of a practical application of Now (Cosmic) Time. As we move away from linear time programming of the 3D (third dimension) into Now Time of 5D higher order of evolution, our gift of intent and imagination is becoming ever more powerful and useful for simplifying our daily routines.


If you wish to adopt this ‘short cut’ key for food coding using the geometrical drawings released on our blog on 26 April or other methods, I highly recommend saying this prayer before you begin the visualisation:  ‘I ask to be in the Now Time and to bring my Future Future to the Present Present’. 

Future Future and Present Present are two of the 9 aspects of Now Time. Listen to Judy Satori’s April Full Moon Transmission at http://www.thesoundoflight.com for more teachings on Now Time.

If this technique doesn’t seem to work well for you at this point, I suggest you work on building your Light Body, specifically consider performing energy work to ‘turn on’ the Now Time programs in your mental body –  explained below.

Effective Application of Now Time

When Earth makes the final transition to 5D by the end of 2012, Cosmic Time will automatically kick in as a new reality for us. However for those of us who are more sensitive to energy shifts, you’re probably already feeling the overlap between the different Time consciousness. I am told if we choose to activate the programming of  Now Time functionality in our higher mind now, rather than wait for its ‘natural occurrence’ by end of the year, our mind can have a longer adaptation and preparation period to function under Now Time. We will also have the benefit of making use of Now Time to create more magic in our lives.

For more information about Now Time programming activation, please read post of 22 April 2012. 

Many Blessings, Ann.

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