We are spiritual beings currently having a human experience. We are therefore never awakened to our spirituality as such, but the realization that we are spiritual.

This realization may come in many guises, some of us begin communicating more directly and openly with spiritual beings, some display special talents and skills which they didn’t know they had, others continue with how they have always been but with a refreshed perspective and a few of us take on the role of the so called enlightened ones.

The awakening process can sometimes be rather sudden, dramatic, even inspiring. It struck me, however, that unless you come into awakening by dying, the gas bill, parenting responsibilities, bank charges and such like never seem to disappear correspondingly elegantly! There are still going to be Viagra ads in the inbox, traffic signs still need to be obeyed and potential clients generally do not engage your services by responding to telepathic invitations.

Awakening is acquiring an out-of-this-world perspective. It is wonderful, but not supposed to be a fairy-tale twist in our lives or an egotistic breakthrough in our relationship with all the ills of this world. It is an invitation from Spirit for us to embrace a wider truth and with it, more solemn responsibilities, greater breadth of wisdom and ultimately an opportunity to experience a richer incarnation by being a more effective human being.

True the bills still need to be paid, but we can learn to harness the abundance mindset as opposed to going along with the scarcity mentality; we still cannot get everybody to like us and love all we do, but we would know to honour their respective paths and let them teach us about ours; it is still emotionally challenging to be dealing with death, but we could exude a sense of solace that brings a blanket of peace and comfort for those in need.

Being awakened is merely the ticket to the ball, you’ll still need to learn to dance and you may still get red wine on your gown. But what’s life if not a party? Now if you’d excuse me, I have washing up to do…