At the Song of the Stars workshop in Hong Kong, we were reminded by The Elohim to honour our physical body constructed from the 4 elements of Earth’s body – Fire, Water, Air and Earth.  To stabilise the transformation of our energy field into a 5th dimensional body of light, we need to first ensure the 4 elements of our body are maintained in a perfect balance. Only then can the 5th element of SPIRIT be awakened, integrated and grow in our consciousness in preparation for our transition to the 5th Dimension. Click HERE to listen to the energy activation gifted by The Elohim for rebalancing our 4 elements (recorded live during the HK workshop).

I suggest using this energy activation when you feel physically challenged, including experiencing the following symptoms:

(a) body feels unusually warm and fiery (fire element imbalance)

(b) body puffiness and bloatedness, especially around the tummy area (water element imbalance)

(c) lightheaded and giddy (earth element imbalance)

(d) lack of mental clarity or creative inspirations (air element imbalance)

Feedback from HK Participants

” I got really excited when I saw the lessons that would be taught at Ann’s
“Song of the Stars” workshop in Hong Kong on her blog.  And true enough, the
learnings were so profound and the activations were extremely powerful.  I
am now slowly feeling the positive effects of these activations —
immeasurable love, joy and peace towards myself, others, Mother Earth and
the whole Universe. Ann has a very kind and genuine heart and a pure channel for the Higher Beings of Light.  Her energy and vibration are that of love and light ” – Maura, Manila

Song of the Stars is one of the miraculous moments in my life as the divine answers many queries about what’s going on in my life via the clear channel of Ann Tay. Life and who I am suddenly become clearer. I enjoy the articulation of Ann on the abstract as well as scientific messages from above. The best kind of lesson I ever wanted. Highly recommended” – Winifred, Hong Kong

Song of the Stars – Singapore Workshops

1st run : 2nd to 4th June, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

2nd run: 22nd to 24th June, Summer Solstice

Programme available at Song of the Stars. 

Email Andy at for enquiries.