on 21 April 2012, I was asked by my guide Thoth to visit the Sundial Garden of the Singapore Botanical Gardens at 7am (photo on the right). I did as he requested.  When I arrived, I was guided to examine closely the pedestal supporting the sundial. That was when I noticed these words engraved on the four sides of the pillar :

“What Thou Seekest Is the Shadow”.

I waited for almost one month before receiving more insights from Thoth regarding the significance of my visit to Sundial Garden and specifically, the above expression.  The information was dropped into my ‘inbox’ last night:

  • Shadow‘ refers to the Annular Solar Eclipse we are expecting on 20 May 2012
  • Unlike other eclipses we’ve had, the coming eclipse is a result of a once-in-26000 years alignment of the Sun, Moon and the Pleiades constellation which has been much involved and responsible for our evolution and ascension
  • This alignment creating a direct line connecting the Sun, Moon, Earth, Pleiades and the Central Sun (Alcyone) governing our Solar System will trigger a new understanding and experience with Time in our consciousness
  • All in all, “What Thou Seekest Is the Shadow” means the coming eclipse, where the Sun disk will be partially covered by the Moon’s shadow upon their alignment with Pleiades, is that special window in Time which mankind has been waiting for since the beginning of the current 26000-year evolutionary cycle
  • Finally, ‘sundial’ refers to ‘dialing up or be tuned-up to our Central Sun’ on 20 May 2012!

We can certainly expect a huge bombardment of ascension energy onto Earth on this very SPECIAL New Moon. I strongly encourage everyone to give intent to receive, integrate and grow exponentially in this New Creation Light dawning on us.

Additionally, you are welcome to join us at the Master Teaching Class in Singapore ‘Remembering The Keys To Ascension‘ hosted by Thoth to receive his teachings and blessings (note: we have less than 10 seats left, please register early).Alternatively look out for the session recording after the event. With much Love, Peace and Oneness, Ann.

PS. More information on the Great Pleiadian Eclipse available at http://www.divinetravels.com/Shasta.html