Sitting in a hotel restaurant with a few of my colleagues while on assignment, we found ourselves starring at an assortment of leftover in front of us, having somewhat underestimated the generosity of the Australian portions. One of them started telling us how she had made a pledge with some “waste no food” campaign and therefore we should all help out in finishing off the remaining morsels. We all started laughing, until we realized it wasn’t at all meant to be a joke!

It is of course not hard to come up with a list of reasons why we shouldn’t waste food, but surely there can be and needs to be more creative solutions than simply eat it up!

Overeating and its plethora of consequences are commonplace in the more privileged parts of the world; consequently, more and more money, manpower and energy are put into counteracting the effects, from gym memberships to costly health care.

One way or another all organic materials will be reintegrated into the cycle of life and personally, I’d have the French fries, rather than my dead body, fertilizing the daffodils!

The Earth is about to transit to the next dimensional level and our bodies will be coming with us. We’ll need to prepare our physical body for the higher vibration and lighter density existence. Whilst no one can say for sure exactly what that means, it surely cannot mean mopping up the rest of the Black Forest when we intuitively know we’ve had enough already.

Currently I am adopting a practice, especially when I am eating out: order half of however much you think you’d want! You may not be full, but neither will you feel hungry!