Please read Post of May 13 for the significance of the Annular Solar Eclipse happening on Sunday, 20 May 2012 from 20:56:00 to Monday, 21 May 2012 02:49:00 UTC Time (source of eclipse time:

We have just completed the Master Teaching Class, “Remembering The Keys of Ascension” led by Thoth where he taught a new ascension technique to assist us in mastering our own ascension to the 5th Dimensional Cycle of Light.

Thoth has requested that I share this technique with ALL who are ready to receive this gift on this very special day of the Great Pleiadian Alignment. If the ascension technique resonates with your inner knowing, I recommend that you perform this activation near to the eclipse time for maximum benefit. Please go to Activating Ascension Merkabah for the procedure and explanations.

May you be blessed by the Pleiadian Light of Unity, Beauty and Joy on this New Moon. Ann