Having any of these feelings or thoughts?

  • this is the most difficult time in my entire life
  • I have never had so many challenges in my life
  • my loved ones are falling sick all the time
  • I don’t know why I feel so exhausted everyday
  • I feel angry, frustrated and upset more easily than before
  • Why this sudden change in my life situation? It’s totally unexpected and absurd
  • I want to end my life here on Earth to ‘return home’
  • it’s so difficult to stay upbeat and uplifted when the world around me is full of negativity

If you noticed yourself nodding your head as you read this listing, please be assured you are not alone and that what you’re experiencing is legitimately normal, from the perspective of the massive planetary clearing and healing that’s going on.

Specifically, the May 20th Solar Eclipse kick-started a process of rapid and intense release of ALL fear-based mental patterns still held in the individual and collective memory of Man. This outpouring of lower vibrational thought forms into the Earth’s atmosphere can easily de-stablise our inner balance and power, influencing us to manifest these discordant energies into actual challenging situations for ourselves and the people closest to us. The more energy sensitive and spiritually aware we are, ironically, the more easily we can tip over unless we maintain a strict regime of daily meditation to purify our energy bodies and be constantly mindful of our true nature as Love.

Our Pleiadian guides remind us, through their gentle words of comfort, love and support, that we are NOT the denser thought forms we’re releasing; we are merely the vessel and conduit to transmute and transcend these prevalent lower energies into greater Love and Light. Regardless of how unexciting and gloomy tomorrow may seem for us at this moment, as we let go of the fear that fills our mind and feeds on our body; and surrender the need to know and control the outcome of our next moment, we shall regan our inner peace and strength.

Listen to energy activation Pleiades Gift 29 May 2012 for enhancing FAITH and INNER STRENGTH during this period of great spiritual growth and expansion. May peace and joy always be felt in your heart. Blessings, Ann.