Isis and Sirius

The divinity known to us as Goddess Isis is an enlightened being from the Sirius Star System, the energy portal to the Milky Way Galaxy. Isis was the embodiment of a Egyptian queen when she walked the Earth and was widely known for her great healing power and magic.  For several years now, Isis has guided me to initiate Light Workers onto the path of soul remembrance and empowerment through a re-connection with the Divine Mother (which Isis symbolises) and the Sirius star system.

The Month of July

July marks the new year for the ancient Egyptians. Although different sources quote slightly different dates as the exact New Year’s Day, almost all agree it falls in the month of July which coincides with the annual flooding of the Nile and the heliacal (dawn) rising of the great star Sirius

The Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course, 21-22nd July

Urged by Isis and the Sirian High Council, I’ll be bringing this course to Manila for the first time. It will be held in the month of July – corresponding to the zodiac sign Cancer which represents The Mother and commemorating the rising of the Sirius blue star. Program is available at Course Information.

A Master Teaching Class ‘You As An Energy Being’ is also being planned for the Manila visit. A wide range of topics relating to the human consciousness as an extension and replica of Spirit will be discussed. Check out Manila Master Teaching Class for program and registration details.

Hosting ACAST Teaching Events

The ascension process is undoubtedly gathering speed and intensity as we move deeper into 2012. To support more Light Workers during this time of accelerated growth and changes, Spirit is encouraging me to bring my work to more countries. If you are interested to host a learning event for your community (such as the Isis Sirius Alchemy Healing Course for July or other customised workshops), I welcome you to write to

Many Blessings, Ann