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The Venus Transit was visible in Singapore between 9:33am to 12:49pm on 6th June, appearing as a tiny dot on the sun disk (see photo on the left taken by one of our friends). Though I didn’t witness the transit from the Singapore Science Center observatory, my heart was nevertheless singing with joy throughout the day as I breathed in the gracious and sensual beauty of Venus. This sense of self love and appreciation was heightened during our event ‘A Night with Aphrodite’ when the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara and the Pleiades star beings showered the group with the pink vibration of Unconditional Love.

Click Venus Transit Celebration  for the live recording of teachings and energy activations gifted by Lord of the World Sanat Kumara and the Pleiadians. This free recording is a gift of Love from ACAST overshadowed by the Spiritual Hierarchy. May you be Well and Happy, Ann.

Go to Venus Transit Celebration for program invitation.

Read post of 6 June 2012 for Unconditional Love activation codes channeled by Fana Gueye.

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