At our Venus Transit celebration on 6th June, the Pleiadian guides reminded us to be exceptionally gentle and forgiving with ourselves during this period where mass clearing of ego-based energies could result in an increased level of hostility and aggression being manifested in our outside world. We also need to remember that our essence is not these unloving vibrations which are externalised either through our own clearing or by the people around us.

Whatever the cause of these harsh and unfriendly experiences which we co-create or witness, as soon as we bring up the thought and feelings of gentleness and self forgiveness, we can immediately restore the peaceful and harmonious nature of our beingness. As Within, So Without. Re-balancing our inner state naturally brings about the same effect for our external reality.

Yesterday, I have a chance of applying this reminder from the Pleiadians when I found myself caught up in some control drama. The transmutation of unloving vibration was amazingly powerful-  not only do I feel much uplifted and empowered today, I also managed to create an extremely productive day for myself.

May you be gently reminded to ‘be extra gentle with yourself’ ! Many blessings, Ann.

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