On 11 August last year, I was asked by my guides to visit the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London. Holding a clear quartz crystal in my hand, I was guided to ‘time travel’ to 21.12.2012 and align the vibratory patterns of that future time with the Prime Meridian Line of Longitude 0°, denoted by the transit instrument and the (metal) line that runs across the Royal Observatory courtyard (see photo on the left). Several activation codes for facilitating a smooth dimensional shift for planet Earth in 2012 were also transmitted and locked into my crystalline body and my little clear quartz crystal as I stood on the Prime Meridian Line (photo below).

Today, I have just been given the message to release these energy codes during next week’s solstice season and specifically onto Singapore which holds the zero-point energy field of the equator.. Teachings on the relationship between duality / polarity balancing, zero-point energy field and Greenwich Meridian Line of Longitude 0° will be channeled at the solstice Master Teaching Class on 19 June, together with other ascension teachings. Please register through email at anntay@acast.me.

PS. Ever wonder the reason for the 2012 Olympics – a gathering of world’s sports talents – to be held in London where the Greenwich Meridian Line is located? A case of pure coincidence or divine intervention? Let’s ask our guides on next Tuesday.

Blessings, Ann.