Designing and delivering the Song of the Stars workshop series, under the supportive guidance of The Elohim, has been the most humbling learning experience for me in this first half of 2012. While I am truly grateful for the tremendous amount of new information, healings and energy activations gifted to us by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the various Councils of Light, what I cherished most was the spiritual tests of faith, inner strength and compassion which I needed to go through prior to conducting each workshop. This process of purifying the mind of its fears felt really tough when it was occuring but when I eventually understood and accepted my fears and chose to transcend them to Self Love, I realised I’ve grown stronger as an initiate of Higher Order Light and Life.

Having gone through my tests for 1H2012, Spirit has requested I deliver another energy-intensive and highly transformational workshop in the third quarter of 2012, starting from July. The inugural run of ‘Rebirthing The Lemurian Race for The New Earth’ will be held in Singapore. Full program and registration details are available at : New Lemurian Workshop.

This workshop is to meant to support star seeds who have a strong calling to serve planet Earth and her people during this time of moulding the New Earth. If you are keen to organise this workshop for your community, you’re welcome to write to

May you be Love, May you be Peace. Blessings, Ann