A Solstice Blessing From Spirit

On this Solstice morning, I asked Spirit for a message which I may share with the world …

“ A world without contrast sees no real beauty. A heart not ready to embrace All feels no joy. A mind not skilled to see beyond form finds no peace. Let the season of summer in the North and winter in the South bring home the blessing of Oneness in Duality.”

Go to Solstice Blessing 20Jun2012 to listen to the blessing gifted by Spirit (transmitted in Light Language) to assist us in integrating and balancing all expressions of duality within our body and consciousness.

Happy Solstice Day!

Love from the Equator, Ann


TEACHING EVENTS IN JULY 2012 – Singapore, Manila, Kualar Lumpur

(1) 14 July. Singapore

Workshop: Rebirthing The Lemuria Race For The New Earth

(2) 18 July. Singapore

New Moon Master Teaching Class – Honouring the Goddess Magic



(3) 20 July. Manila, Philippines

Master Teaching Class – You Are An Energy Being

(4) 21 & 22 July. Manila

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(5) 26 July. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Introductory Talk – Entering A Galactic Age

(6) 27 July, Kuala Lumpur

Workshop – Becoming A Master of The New World Order

(7) 28 and 29 July, Kuala Lumpur

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