Have you been experiencing light or disturbed sleep for several weeks or even months, such as having extremely vivid dreams, being woken up  around 3am or 4am by the presence of some strange energies or whenever the full moon shines through your bedroom window?

If these experiences are not inconveniencing you in any way, I suppose you don’t really need to take any remedial actions. Let sleeping dogs lie, as they say. However, if you’re feeling drained and exhausted in the day due to the prolonged period of disturbed sleep, may I suggest a prayer or two to protect and guide your astral (emotional) body from wandering aimlessly in the astral plane during your sleep time, so as not to pick up dense emotions belonging to other beings?

” I ask for my astral body to travel to the highest plane of divine light in my sleep tonight. And so it is!”

and / or

“I ask for my astral body to travel to the ascension temple of (name of your guide e.g. Lord Melchizedek) to receive his/her teachings and healings tonight. And so it is!”

A prayer is a statement of focused intent and intent is all we need to create a desired reality.

Our astral body becoming restless in the night, and thus picking up redundant emotional energies, is a common cause for poor quality sleep, although there could be other possible causes. The suggested prayers help to direct the astral body towards more productive and focused work, leaving the physical body to rest properly.

In cases where you feel your subtle bodies are being worked on in the night by your guides, especially by the star beings, and as a result, you become mentally too alert or physically too uncomfortable to return to your sleep, you have the choice of requesting them to reduce the intensity of their energy recalibration work or give you a night’s off from this energy upgrade routine . If these beings are from the Light, they are mostly likely to respect your free will and accede to your requests.

Some of my friends have found these sleeping tips useful and effective. Hope they’ll work for you too. Otherwise, we can always remind and comfort ourselves with the universal truth that ‘there is always divine order underlying apparent chaos’.

Sweet dreams, everyone! Blessings, Ann.

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