Goddess Isis, an enlightened being from the Sirius star system, contacted me this morning and delivered a present on behalf of the Sirian High Council. She calls it the Isis Crown of Spiritual Protection. To read about its purpose and access this energy gift, please go to : 9 July Isis Crown

Isis’s presence is particular strong since last week’s Full Moon, July being her birth month. There will be more teachings and blessings from Isis to be transmitted at the following events overshadowed by the Galactic Council, Sirian High Council and the Divine Mother : 

Please go to the relevant pages for program and registration details.

May this gift from the Sirian High Council bring you peace and protection as you awaken fully to your stellar gifts. Blessings, Ann.

Read post of 2nd July 2012 for a list of Sirian and Isis’s teachings and blessings channeled in earlier months.

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