At its inaugural run in Singapore on 14 July, the Elohim explained this work of new creation is about Being and Becoming. The group connected with an Alpha Centaurian guide, Zeena Takayana who brought through many interesting teachings on the genetic attributes and crystal technology of his star civilisation. Energy gifts from the the Elohim, Galactic Council and Alpha Centauri were also transmitted for recoding our DNA template.

This was the concluding message from Zeena Takayana on behalf of the Alpha Centaurian Council:

“The new you, seeded with the star potential of a 13-strand DNA, has just begun its germination and you may not have noticed any significant changes to your thoughts, feelings or even body at this stage. But we assure you the genetic recoding you received is an extremely important aspect of the expansion plan of the galaxy and accordingly to the Earth and your soul. If you were to meditate deeply into your stillness through your core star chakra, you will experience your new Beingness. If you allow the Love that you are to flow naturally from your heart chakra, you shall Become the new Lemurian of the 5th dimensional Earth.”


The ‘Rebirthing the Lemurian Race for the New Earth’ workshop will be conducted in Manila on 23 July 2012. Please go to Manila Lemuria for program and registration details.

May you be Love, May you be Peace. Many blessings, Ann.