This workshop in Manila has just been concluded with the participants feeling excited and grateful for their enhanced channeling ability and new insights on their role as the recoded Lemurian race of New Earth (group photo below).

Upon receiving the energy activations to incorporate a 13th strand DNA for enhanced mental capability, the participants practised connecting with the Alpha Centauri star civilisation to receive insights on the future direction of our world systems, in the areas of medical science, education, engineering, arts, agriculture etc. Giancarla Gureng, one of our participants, shares her new experience connecting with our Alpha Centaurian guide Zeena Takayana and using a clear quartz crystal as her personal ‘satellite’:

“During the workshop’s Star Gazing exercise, I requested for insights on the development of Education for New Earth and the information was transmitted to me in a full paragraph. The guide’s response was instantaneous and continuous. Here it is: Education will continue to come up with new ways of transmitting, receiving and even recording new knowledge. Information on different subject areas will be new and updated. This means that some knowledge we have acquired previously will be altered, disproved or added (with now ideas.) Children will be more valuing of education, and poverty will not be a hindrance any longer for not being able to study (or learn). These new knowledge will be delivered to each learner almost telepathically and each individual can get questions answered and retrieve information without having to read and research for long periods of time. No one will be left behind in search of knowledge.” 

Thank you Giancarla for sharing these insights with our blog readers.

HK and NZ Workshops

If the intent of this work speaks to you as a Lemurian star human desiring to contribute actively towards shaping the New Earth, I look forward to connecting with you soon at our workshops. Program and registration details available at:

Many Blessings, Ann.