It’s been a while since I spoke with Lord Gautama Buddha telepathically.  As I was pondering over a question this evening, Buddha connected with me energetically to share his wisdom.

My Reflection: Having received and also transmitted numerous energy activations gifted by Spirit for recalibrating the human energy field into greater Light, how do we know that we’re really becoming beings of higher consciousness?

Buddha’s Teaching: Self realisation and self awareness is the KEY to mastering the Eternal Light within you. Pay close attention to the feelings being triggered by your thoughts. The human thought is subtle, random and thus less noticeable by the conscious mind whereas the human emotion is felt more tangibly and persistently which makes the latter an effective gauge of your spiritual transformation. Feeling more Peace, Joy, Gratitude, Hope and Abundant while simultaneously becoming less attached to the moments when you are not having these uplifting emotions, is evidence of an expanded consciousness brought about by embodying a higher vibrational frequency”.

A simple yet profoundly sound advice indeed. Thank you, Lord Buddha. May these loving words of Buddha bring you Peace of Mind joined with Joy of Heart. Many blessings, Ann.

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