Message from The Elohim

The morphogenetic field of the human energy system resides at the deepest level of our beingness. Energy patterns held in the morphogenetic field directly affect the morphing or transformation of the human physical body.

I am told by the Elohim that in order for the human body to be restored to its crystalline nature as we have been genetically designed to be, the collective memory of  ‘The Fall of the Angels’ (referring to the denial and separation from God consciousness by the angelic humans in previous evolutionary cycle) held in our morphogenetic field has to be released and be replaced with pure white light of crystalline quality. The silica or crystalline matrix of the human physical body is the true medium for receiving, holding and transmitting the 5th and higher dimensional vibrations of Light.

21st December 2012 has been programmed as the time for Earth’s ‘official’ transition to the 5th dimension which means from then on, Earth as an energy system will pulsate at a much faster vibratory rate. In order to assist the human body to adapt to this new energy environment on Earth, it is critical that the morphogenetic field be cleared completely of significant energy distortions that have penetrated the collective subconscious mind of the human race. This energy activation for the Elohim will assist the human physical body to morph into a crystalline field of intelligence resonating with the energy frequency of New Earth.

Energy Activation

The intended clearing of the morphogenetic field is done upon the first listening of the Light Language energy transmission. Click 28July2012 Morphogenetic Field Clearing to listen.

For better results, I recommend listening to it again on the coming Full Moon 1st-2nd August 2012. The reason being (a) Full Moon energy is ideal for releasing and transmuting lower-ordered vibrations; and (b) the month of August 2012 corresponds to a numerological vibration of ‘4’, which means ‘of the Earth, of the physical body or to ground, stabilise and lay a foundation’.

May I have your support to distribute this important message and energy gift from the Elohim as widely and as you feel guided. Thank you. Many blessings, Ann.

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