An explorer makes a trip to the deep Arctic, takes a rest and makes himself a cup of tea.

Steam emerges from the cup and sees Ice for the first time in his life, who is likewise intrigued!

“So, you are the Ice I hear so much about”, Steam beamed a big smile, almost condescendingly, “but you look so sad! You are stuck in one place, you don’t move much! Me, I fly all over, I feel limitless, I talk with the birds and rest on treetops on the mountains. I make inspirational rainbows and romantic morning mist!”

Ice patiently allows his temporary companion to let off steam, then staring at him coldly, “Yes, I’ve heard of you. You mean you are never grounded,  you don’t commit to anything, probably forget to pay your bills and can never get yourself to the right place at the right date and on time!”

Steam gets ready to come around with his rebuke, only to realize that Ice has barely started.

“Me, I am solid and down to earth, steady and reliable from the start. I provide solid platforms for people to travel and work on, I am not a fickle air head!”

Before Steam could hiss another word, a deep, mellowing voice catches their attention, swerving from the cup, “I think the Universe is big enough to accommodate both of you, even if you choose to only be the way you are.”

“I am Water. With a change in perspective, a dose of open-mindedness and learning, perhaps you can also come to appreciate the middle ground! I also provide a platform for people to travel and work on, but I am constantly on the move to the most wonderful places too. I transform into something more ethereal when the environment calls for it, and am equally comfortable becoming more solid and grounded when necessary.”

“I simply choose to remember that within the spectrum I navigate, despite the many states I may find myself in, I am, nevertheless, one.”