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2 August 2012 Activation of Australia/Oceania Portals

I have been told this part of the world, in particular New Zealand, corresponds to the crown chakra of Earth’s etheric body. Having an exceptionally open energy matrix that connects deeply and intimately to the higher worlds, New Zealand was the first earth-home for the the Lemurian star people. Go to August Full Moon Portal Activation (Australia/Oceania) to participate in this meditation.

Available Retreats / Workshops in New Zealand,  September to December 2012

As Above, So Below: New Teachings from The Elohim

Through my brief Q&A session with the Elohim this morning, more insights about this project of becoming oneness were revealed to me.

Ann: Why the two consecutive day’s of portal activation over August Full Moon and in this sequence of Asia (1 August), followed by Australia/Oceania (today)?

The Elohim: As its name implies, Earth’s root chakra which is of the lowest vibrational frequency, compared to the other six chakras, is the best channel for disseminating and grounding the Galactic transmissions into Earth’s body. Hence the Asia portals, corresponding to the vibratory frequency of ‘being rooted’ , were the first to be activated and also prior to today’s activation of Earth’s crown chakra (Australia/Oceania portals). The latter was necessary for facilitating a greater inflow of Galactic energies in the months ahead. This particular activation sequence was also for balancing the polarity of Above or Spirituality (crown chakra) and Below or Physicality (root chakra).

Photo Contributions 

Go to NZ Photos to view some of the amazing power spots in NZ and our friends’ comments about them. Thank you, Vicky and Donna, for your lovely pictures.

The photo now featured on ACAST home page (banner) was contributed by Donna Falconer, a professional photographer who captures 5D energy pictures through her 3rd eye and higher mind. View more of Donna’s multi-dimensional photos at her website http://www.alchemyforthesoul.com.

Photos of Australia and other parts of Oceania were not received so far.

Images of Sacred Sites and Power Places of Antarctica

If you or your friends have these photos which were taken recently, say a few months ago, we would love to have a couple of them for the next portal activation on 31st August – re-programming the throat chakra of Earth to be of 5D vibratory rate. Many thanks.

May you feel and be ONENESS with the Earth, the Galaxy and the Family of Man. Blessings, Ann.