Please go to Introduce Awakening Tara to read project intent and scope and how you can be part of this global initiative of anchoring higher pulsating Light and Sound onto Earth’s 3rd dimensional body.

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Wynnie Ng, our dear friend from Hong Kong, shared her memories visiting Gobi and Altai Mountains of Mongolia. Go to Photos – Mongolia to connect with these sacred places of ancient times. Thank you, Wynnie for your photo contributions and commentaries.

Gobi Desert is where Shamballa, the ashram of the Great White Brotherhood and home of Lord Sanat Kumara, once existed. Even though this City of Light has long retreated into the higher octaves, the three-fold flame that it has so diligently safeguarded for mankind for eons of years is still being felt strongly through the ethers of Gobi Desert. Coincidentally, these photos of sacred Gobi shared by Wynnie were taken in the same month as ACAST’s Master Teaching Class, Flame of Shamballa conducted on the Full Moon of 8 March 2012.

May I share this recent message received from Lord Sanat Kumara:

“Beings who are in tune with their breath shall soon see their inner and outer world merge as One.” – 3 August 2012

Portal Opening on 8.8.2012

If you feel the pull, connect with the Orion star system of 8th dimension tomorrow to bring forth the latest energy encoding for re-activating the 8th strand DNA of our divine blueprint. You may also anchor the same onto Mother Earth using the sacred sites featured in “Awakening Tara” as the gateway: go to Photos Asia, Photos Mongolia and Photos NZ. May you be showered with the golden blessings from Orion. Blessings, Ann.    

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