Even though I have not channeled Ascended Master Lady Mary often, I have always felt her energy signature as very similar to that of one of my closest guides, Lady Kuan Yin – the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.  It was therefore not difficult to recognise her Presence when she connected with me this morning.

Ann: Dear Lady Mary, I have a question. Do you mind sharing your wisdom?

Lady Mary: Certainly. My pleasure and honour indeed.

Ann: Many spiritual teachers have talked about the New Earth of 5th dimensional consciousness as a space where the inhabitants feel, think and express Oneness. How can our body help us recognize the quality of Oneness?

Lady Mary: When the human consciousness and energy field becomes a particular type of vibration, the mental, emotional and physical body will become constantly entrained with such an energy frequency such as to influence and cause a permanent change to his thoughts, emotions and behaviours. When a human consciousness evolves to become the energy of Oneness, he begins to perceive, feel and respond to his external world with the belief Where Is God Not?

Ann: Thank you, Lady Mary.

May you have a One-derful day. Many Blessings, Ann.

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