I found Thoth’s illustration of us as an energy system, very user-friendly indeed. Read on…

The human energy field operates like a personal computer (PC) linked to and supported by a larger network via a mainframe (Galactic Mind). Whilst the PC has the capacity to function on its own under most circumstances, there are times when it needs to be uploaded with program enhancements and upgrades available only from the network (i.e. during Earth’s and Galactic evolutionary cycles). If these program patches are not installed onto the PC on time, it will soon become obsolete and incompatible with the network (Milky Way Galaxy) and even with other users outside the network.

The PC is designed to allow for a two-way communication between itself and the network. Specifically, the most important component supporting the link between the PC and mainframe is a unique ID found in both systems and that is what’s we know as the I AM Presence.

So where about in the human energy field is this unique ID recorded?

When the PC was being designed, it was decided that the ID would be kept in this  compartment called the Core Star Chakra – an energy vortex found on the morphogenetic field of the human energy structure and located slightly above the navel or solar plexus, deep within the body. Emitting a golden colour, the Core Star Chakra is calibrated to rotate at a frequency equivalent to the I AM Presence.

The Core Star Chakra is literally the Golden Key that will assist us in expanding our consciousness and upgrading our energy system (PC) from a 3D to a 5D model. During your daily meditations, ask to align your Core Star with the Galactic Center and feel or visualise its rotational speed in sync with the Galactic Mind.

Blessings, Ann.