Several years ago, a good friend asked me the difference between kindness and compassion. I was fairly new to channeling at that time and was eager to practise this skill at every opportunity I had. Naturally I approached Lady Kuan Yin for her advice. Afterall she is known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion in the eastern part of our world.

When I was asked the same question by a client yesterday, I repeated Kuan Yin’s explanation to her.

Kuan Yin: Both kindness and compassion are virtues which a human soul can cultivate. Kindness comes from a belief of self love and respect and thus it is reflected in the kind, gentle and thoughtful behaviour towards others. Compassion is kindness expressed with the inner knowing that there is divine order, regardless of what the external reality may be and accordingly one does not judge another’s experiences and actions. Compassion entails kindness; and kindness is compassion not mastered. When one creates, perceives and responds to his external world from a space of I Know (of the spiritual body), rather than I Believe (of the mental body), he expands into greater Light and Life.

With loving kindness, Ann.


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