My spirit guide, Zeena Takayana, from the star system of Alpha Centauri revealed more information about his star nation during our recent workshop in Hong Kong. Go to    Alpha Centauri Channeling 18Aug2012 to listen to a segment (5 minutes) of the live recording of Zeena’s introduction of his civilisation and the purpose of crystal application in the Rebirthing the Lemurian Race workshop.

Information on Alpha Centauri is also available at Judy Satori’s website,, under July 2012 Full Moon Transmission.

We have received feedback on the strong vibrations felt during the Light Language transmission from Zeena Takayana. Inhale and exhale deeply should you feel heart palpitations or tightening of your heart chakra as you listen to the transmission.

This workshop will be further elaborated in Christchurch during the Equinox, 22nd and 23rd September 2012. Registration is still open. Please go to New Zealand Lemuria to read about the significance of bringing this work to NZ (the Land of Mu), the full program and registration details. Blessings, Ann.