Spiritual Hosts for Spirituality 101: Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy

Ever thought of spiritual enlightenment as a process of conserving, maximising and expanding your energy for purposeful creations? This was the insight channeled from Ascended Master Gautama Buddha when I delivered the Master Teaching Class ‘Becoming A Master of the New World Order’ in Hong Kong recently. Being its debut run, I have absolutely no idea what the Masters would be transmitting through me on that day. Faith won the day, as usual. The audience and I were totally impressed and awed by the way Buddha and other Ascended Masters taught the concept of Mastery in a scientific, logical and extremely easy-to-understand manner. No wonder Lord Gautama Buddha has long been  hailed the Great Illuminator !

Just yesterday, Buddha and the Spiritual Hierarchy requested I launch an expanded version of this Master Teaching Class on the New Moon of September in Singapore. The program Spirituality 101 was thus created.

Course Introduction

This is a teaching programme commissioned by Lord Gautama Buddha and the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist All in understanding and appreciating their spiritual nature from the angle of science and logic.  As the human consciousness become increasingly entrained with the Galactic vibrations coming from the heart of the Milky Way known as the galactic core, we’ll be guided to participate in the re-creation of Life on the 5th dimensional Earth with an advanced mental potential. However such an expanded mental capacity can be utilised optimally only with a good foundational understanding that Science and Spirituality are two sides of the same coin. Go to Spirituality 101 for program and registration information.

Bringing Spirituality 101 To Your Home Countries

If the intent of this program resonates with you and your community, I’ll be happy to consider facilitating this course at your home country. To assist me in holding the strong galactic vibrations which are typically present in all our teaching events, a minimum group size of 15 will be required. Please email info@acast.me if you are keen to host the Spirituality 101 course or other ACAST learning events.

An Invitation of Illumination

On behalf of Lord Gautama Buddha, all Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Council, I warmly welcome you to Spirituality 101 – learning the science of spiritualised living on a 5th dimensional Earth. Many Blessings, Ann.