I have been feeling rushed recently, as If there are many things I need to do yet not having enough time for all them. I didn’t like being in this space of feeling frustrated and uptight. Of course, the best guide whom I can approach to help loosen me up is Lord Maitreya, also known as the Laughing Buddha who is constantly exuding the Joy vibration.

Maitreya counseled: To be Joy is to be in a space of creative potential which is triggered by thinking and feeling ‘I want’. By definition, to create means to acquire or be the conduit for another being’s new experience. It is this same newness expressed and longed for by a child which allows the human intelligence to keep expanding, rather than being limited or stagnated by the routine thinking and feeling pattern of ‘I have to’. When a human mind is programmed to think ‘predictability’ or ‘control’, the emotion of frustration or despair is felt in the body as a warning and reminder that the life force gifted to humans is for creating new experiences and from thereon, wisdom of the soul is cultivated. Reflect on this question: which set of neurological programs are you operating with these days : “I want to” or “I have to”?

I like this advice and reminder from Lord Maitreya so much that I now have it as my PC walbpaper. Blessings, Ann.

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