If you have been feeling out of sorts particularly in August, such as having poor quality sleep; muddled headed; can’t make simple decisions including what to have for lunch; feeling strong vibrations swelling up head, as if your head is not connected with the rest of the body etc, then consider consciously grounding your body during this period. Read the following message for a fuller explanation.

Ann’s Message for August 2012 (published on Judy Satori’s website on 1 August)

For many of us who are in tune with the pulsating rhythm of the Galaxy, the Sun and the Earth, we would have experienced July as the beginning of a long-awaited cycle of renewal, expansion and re-creation. Even though Earth is programmed to evolve properly into a 5th dimensional consciousness and body of light in December 2012, I am told by my guides the planetary shift of Earth and her people started on the New Moon in Cancer 19 July 2012 – with the new moon ushering in a refreshing new beginning and the zodiac sign Cancer providing the fertile soil needed for planting great dreams.

With a numerological vibration of ‘4’, August 2012 is about grounding and anchoring the newness of July onto Earth through physical actions such as walking on Mother Earth, structuring and implementing your new projects, resuming your exercise routines and taking measures to integrate the ascension energy onto the physical body. This is a period of staying grounded to prepare for the next round of energy bombardment coming from the Galactic Core in September.

‘4’ also means ‘of the Earth’. Accordingly I have been guided to launch a global initiative Awakening Tara on 1st August. The intent is to harness, express and made tangible the vibration of ONENESS on New Earth. Details are available at http://wp.me/P22lmc-Rt.

We are expecting another powerful Full Moon on 31st August, known as the blue moon. It is advisable to prepare the physical body now through extra grounding, lest it gets swept off the ground during the next round of lunar explosion. Personally I have found practising yoga, with awareness on connecting my breath with the Earth’s body, particularly effective.

Project ‘Awakening Tara’ – Activating Earth’s Throat Chakra Through Antarctica on 31st August

Please go to Awakening Tara for background information. We would appreciate receiving photographs of the places in Antarctica you or your friends have been and felt a special connection with. As the human mind thinks in pictures, the photos are used as an energy bridge between the viewers and the place designated to receive the next full moon and galactic transmissions. Furthermore, sharing the experiences of your sacred moments with Earth naturally deepens our bond with Tara (the 5D Earth) and with one another – this is the project’s intent of living the spirit of Oneness. Blessings, Ann.

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