If you are tuning-in to this project for the first time, please read Awakening Tara and Purpose: Recalibration Earth’s Chakras for its intent, scope and how you may be part of this global initiative of becoming ONENESS.

Antarctica – Throat Chakra of Earth’s 3D Etheric Body 

I was told by the Elohim that Antarctica is calibrated to resonate with the Earth’s throat chakra (of Divine Will).  Encapsulating the south pole and is surrounded by southern ocean, Antarctica is the only continent with the least access for exploration, hence it remains as the least commercially and environmentally polluted place on Earth. Although several international agencies carry out their scientific research activities at Antarctica, there are actually no territorial claims over this continent, meaning it is literally a “No Man’s Land”.

Based in Hong Kong, my friend Fanny’s gift lies in channeling, translating and writing Light Language (LL) and sacred geometry codes. Like me, Fanny works closely with the Elohim, Archangels and star beings from different dimensions. She kindly agreed to channel a set of LL codes for activating the energy vortices in Antarctica, after knowing I didn’t receive any photos of this faraway place (photos are used in this project as bridges for connecting consciousness).

When Fanny and I both tuned-in to the etheric plane of Antarctica, we contacted numerous angels, deities and highly evolved star beings from the ‘future’; the whole place felt like a pure land waiting for the arrival of a 5D Earth (Tara). Fanny was told a very pure God consciousness is being seeded in Antarctica continent. It was also revealed to me that Antarctica will be the first location on Earth to be transformed into a technologically advanced light city, like the star nations of the higher worlds. This is the reason for this place to remain so sacredly ‘untouchable’ for all this while. Today’s blue moon activation work will greatly facilitate the manifestation of Earth’s first 5D’s township.

Click Blue Moon Antarctica Activation to view Fanny’s LL drawings and portal activation procedure. Thank you for your participation in ‘Awakening Tara’. My deepest gratitude to Fanny for sharing her gift with ACAST friends.

Another New Zealand Power Place – check out photos and commentaries of TaraTara Mountain of North Island contributed by Denise Richards and Annette McCorkindale. Thank you, Denise and Annette for introducing us to another great healing place on Earth.

September Full Moon Portal Activations, 29 & 30 September

For the next Full Moon portal activation, our focus will be on the South and North America. We’ll love to receive photos of the power places you’ve been. The Elohim explained: As the human mind thinks in pictures, the photos are used as an energy bridge between the project participants and the place designated to receive the lunar and galactic transmissions. Sharing your memories of such sacred moments with Earth naturally deepens the human bond with Tara (the 5D Earth) and also among fellow light beings – this is the project’s intent of living the spirit of Oneness.”

Happy Blue Moon, everyone! May September be a time of many soul-ful connections and experiences for you and all your loved ones.  Blessings, Ann.

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