Last night’s teachings from Cosmic Master Thoth on understanding Time as a modality for creation were certainly profound and even radically new for some of us. Three energy activations were also gifted by Thoth. Go to MTC (Master Teaching Class) 31Aug12 for the full program.

In order to explain the concepts of Key of Time (of the Emerald Tablets) meaningfully, the teachings were delivered using presentation slides, in addition to the ‘real-time’ Light Language transmissions and interpretations.  You may purchase the audio-visual production of this event by emailing to with the subject title ‘MTC 31 August 2012 Event Recording Order’. The price is SGD30 per copy, comprising a set of the slides used and 1 hour audio recording of the session.

To download a short sample clip, click below 

You will receive a PayPal invoice upon ordering.

Blessings, Ann.