At yesterday’s workshop ‘Rebirthing The Lemurian Race for New Earth’ in Singapore, a Lemurian Elder known as Rosette shared her wisdom on the history of Lemuria, such as the role of their High Priestesses, star origins and tasks of the Lemurian star humans when they first descended on Earth etc. She also spoke at length about the importance of building dome-like ascension temples on New Earth to represent the feminine principle and use these structures as energy portals to connect to the womb of Earth. Go to Lemurian Elder to listen to the live recording of Rosette’s teachings (17 minutes).

This workshop will be expanded into a 2-day program in Christchurch of NZ on 22 and 23 September 2012 –  coinciding with the final Equinox season of Earth’s current evolutionary cycle of 26000 years. Go to Christchurch Event for program and registration information. If you feel the pull, Andy and I warmly welcome you to this reunion of the Lemurian descendants on the Land of Mu! Blessings, Ann.