At the Master Teaching Class of 31 August 2012, Cosmic Master Thoth taught the concept of seeing Cosmic Time of the 5th and higher dimensional worlds as a palette of energy frequencies for creating, altering and managing our multi-dimensional realities. The slide shown above was used to illustrate this concept.

Here is an example of the Time Palette application which Thoth shared: the fear-based experiences in our Past (meaning memories created in our 3D reality) can adversely affect the manifestation of our 5D realities to some degree, unless the thought pattern leading to that Past creation can be identified and uplifted to a higher vibratory pattern. This process involves us journeying “back” to the Past’s Present to re-live that memory (that is, bringing our consciousness back to the Present state of that Past event); followed by tracking down the thought pattern which created that Past’s Present (meaning tuning-in to the energy frequency of the Past’s Past). It is in this Past’s Past state that we can imprint a new and more uplifted mental pattern, so as to alter the direction of that Past’s Present and accordingly, the Past’s Future as well.

Thoth explained evolution into higher dimensional worlds inevitably requires a more refined understanding and approach towards creation, such as appreciating Time as more than a tool for measuring and distinguishing our awareness and attention – that being the primary function of linear time in the 3D world. When we are ready, I am sure Thoth will return to expand on this refreshing concept of using the Time Palette for 5D Creation. Blessings, Ann.