Since the beginning of September, it felt as if the inter-dimensional veils have been lifted by so much that I was contacted by several new guides from different parts of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe. This morning, I had a visitation from a cosmic angel with a pair of huge golden wings. She introduced herself as Rowanda and  requested I convey this message to everyone.

The level of solar activities occurring within and around the Sun’s body has stepped up again, triggered by more intense energy exchanges between the Sun, the Central Sun (Alcyone) and the Great Central Sun (Galactic Center). Some of us might have already felt the effects of these increased solar flares and radiations lately. Rowanda advised we meditate to align the inner sun of our heart with these ‘outer’ solar bodies to reduce the physical discomfort felt by our body; and also energise the core of Mother Earth with these solar rays to minimise the risk of more physical catastrophies occuring due to the temporary energy discrepancy between Earth’s body which is primarily magnetic or feminine in nature and the electrical or masculine-oriented energy transmissions coming from the Galactic Center, during this period of heightened energy volatility.

Meditation technique: 

1. Inhale golden rays through your crown chakra and direct them to your heart chakra through an exhalation (awaken and align the inner sun of our heart with the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun)

2. With the next inhalation, ‘pump’ these golden rays into your Core Star Chakra and as you exhale, direct them to the center of the Earth (to connect and align the inner sun of the Earth with the Galactic Center)

3. Repeat this series of in- and out-breathes until you feel all solar bodies within and outside your body are aligned and balanced in both their feminine and masculine aspects. 

Thank you, Rowanda for bringing forth this message and healing technique. Blessings, Ann.