With reference to the post ‘Alignment of the Suns’ – below is some information about our Core Star Chakra, one of the higher chakras residing on the 5th dimensional human energy field.

Excerpt from Self Study Kit :Isis Sirius Alchemy Healing Course© 

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Core Star Chakra

Colour:    Gold

Location: In the centre or core of the body, about 1 or 1.5” above your navel. Lies on the Hara line* (see below for more explanation)

Other Names:  Core Diamond

Qualities: Our core essence; the source of light energy in the physical body; holds our inner Divine Core that is our connection to the Eternal Divine; is the individuated divine within; the I Am spirit

* The Hara Dimension and The Core Star

(Source: http://www.esalenctr.org)

Even deeper than the human energy field and the chakras is the Hara line. This is a place of deep calm due to the fact that it is a zero-point energy field, apparently lacking magnetic polarity. According to Barbara Ann Brennan, the Hara line is a solid pole of intentionality that runs vertically through the center of the human body connecting us upwardly to the sky and downwardly to the center of the earth. The Hara dimension is associated with human intentionality and our soul’s incarnational task to be accomplished in this body and lifetime. The Hara line is located inside the layers of the Human Energy Field (HEF) and the chakras and on another dimension. The Hara line is the foundation of the HEF and correlates to our intentionality. So what is inside the foundation of the Hara? According to Brennan’s observations, within the Hara lies our inner Divine Core that is our connection to the Eternal Divine. When looking at this dimension, Brennan sees brilliant light just above then navel that is the individuated divine within. It is from here that creativity upwells from our center within, seemingly coming from other dimensions.