In preparing myself to channel the teachings from Lord Gautama Buddha and other Ascended Masters for the coming course Spirituality 101, I posed this fundamental question to Buddha: What is the essence of this course?

Buddha’s response was simple and elegant: To understand the real nature of Self as consciousness without form, in order to engage the Mind only as a tool for experiencing consciousness, rather than identifying the Self as the Mind.

No wonder the channeled theme of ‘You As A Spiritualised Energy’ for Day 1 and ‘Engaging the 5th Dimensional Mind for Earth Living” for Day 2 of the course.

Thoth, the great master of spiritual science, healing and magic explained the intent of Spirituality 101 in a different way, though having the same essence as Buddha’s message: To understand the nature of Spirit as energy potentiality which, through the precise application of universal laws, could be harnessed for the creation of realities and experiences for soul advancement. The purpose of examining spirituality from the scientific angle is to bring about consistent, accurate and timely results.

Thoth then guided me to prepare the following concept chart showing the operation of one such universal law, namely the Law of Thought Manifestation:

In addition to the teachings of spiritual laws and concepts integral to improving the quality of human experiences, such as the Law of Thought Manifestation, the guides will also share techniques on applying these principles proficiently.

Program and registration details are available at S101 Singapore (15 and 16 September 2012) or S101 Hong Kong  (24 and 25 November 2012).

Many Blessings, Ann.