Our outer reality is always a reflection of our inner state of consciousness. Hence our spiritual teachers and guides often remind us to contemplate our thoughts and emotions if we wish to change our external experiences. Interestingly, I have come to realise that an external shift can also trigger and catalyse an inner expansion of consciousness. This was the experiment I did lately which brought about this realisation : do something different or do the same thing differently, everyday.

The new stimuli and responses I received from my environment as a result of me taking a different route to the supermarket, greeting my family members differently in the morning, meditating at different times of the day etc, not only added a refreshing touch to my routine but also made me more aware of the choices I am making and accordingly, the reality I am constantly creating for myself. Such a heightened awareness certainly made me feel like an expanded consciousness.

So, how would you like your breakfast done differently tomorrow? Blessings, Ann.

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