The Ashtar Command – the patrol team responsible for protecting the integrity of all inter-dimensional travels within and outside of the Milky Way Galaxy – asked that I share a message and energy gift with All.
The commander himself, Commander Ashtar, assured the ongoing rebirthing of Earth into a higher consciousness is being watched closely by all light beings who are aligned with the divine plan for Earth. Likewise, we are being supported by our soul and monadic families as we awaken rapidly to our God consciousness, along with Earth’s transition. Through our physical body, we may not be able to see, hear or feel the presence of our brothers and sisters from the higher planes of Light. However, if we were to connect deeply with our heart chakra to feel the pink vibrations of Love swirling in there, we’ll come to know and remember their Presence within and surrounding every cell of our body.
Commander Ashtar reiterated as light beings, we are naturally connected with each other and the galaxy through telepathy.  As you read this encoded message from him, you’re already connecting with him telepathically. Breathe in the blue vibrations emanated from his aura (the same colour as the galaxy sky) to align your heart and core star chakra with the heart of the galaxy. I am told this is an energy gift that will greatly strengthen your star abilities and allow you to stabilise any energy turbulence and volatility which could manifest externally as we approach the autumnal (fall) equinox in the North / spring (vernal) equinox of the southern hemisphere on 22nd September – a day for new activation of Earth’s energy portals and a deepened reconnection of our soul.
(For more information on core star chakra, go to post of 7 September 2012).
Many Blessings, Ann.

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