You might have heard of this teaching : ‘It’s not about the doing; its about the being”.  I used to agree with it until Lord Gautama Buddha offered a different view at last weekend’s debut run of the Spirituality 101 Course in Singapore.

Essence of Buddha’s teaching on Be, Being and Doing: In this world of physicality, it is through the Doings of manthinking, feeling and acting – that allow him to realise and actualise his God Being-ness. The thoughts, emotions and actions of man serve as sign posts leading him to remember his real identity as Spirit or Be. It is the divine plan of man to transcend the illusion that he is of form (meaning constituted by thoughts, emotions and behaviours), in order that he awakens to his God consciousness known as Being. In this respect, the Doings of man, through his mental, emotional and physical bodies, are necessary for his spiritual enlightenment.

Buddha, supported by other Ascended Masters, delivered several other interesting scientific theories as well as down-to-earth practice techniques to guide us towards understanding and expressing fully our 5th-dimensional potential.

This course will be repeated in Hong Kong on 24 and 25 November. For details, please go to HK S101. Blessings, Ann.