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South America – Sacral Chakra of Earth’s 3D Etheric Body

It’s not unusual for Light Workers to immediately think of Peru whenever South America is mentioned. Indeed, the land of Peru is deeply imprinted with the memories of the Andean and Incan cultures. Andy and I were in Peru in February 2010, touring its various sacred sites and participating in an ancient ceremony at Lake Titicaca, known as Solar Disk Activation. We were joined by the shamans from various Andean traditions and hundreds of Light Workers from all over the world.

Lake Titicaca (photo above) is considered by the shamans to be the most respected and revered site in Peru. We were told that the Lake represents Life itself. It certainly felt so as we were ferried across the Lake – as if the womb of Mother Earth is lying deep beneath the Lake. It was not entirely surprising to me when I was told that the continent of South America carries the Earth’s sacral chakra.

To participate in the full moon activation of Earth’s sacral chakra, click HERE for the meditation procedure.

Reflection, Reflections – A Travelogue by Winifred Lai

Published in Chinese, ‘Reflection, Reflections’ is a wonderful resource for those interested in knowing more about Peru and Bolivia from a spiritual perspective. I connected with the author Winifred during the 2010 sacred journey to Peru and she has remained a dear friend since then. For information and enquiries on Winifred’s travelogue, please check out her blog at:





Happy Full Moon, everyone! Blessings, Ann.