If you are tuning-in to this project for the first time, please read Awakening Tara and Purpose: Recalibration Earth’s Chakras for its intent, scope and how you may be part of this global initiative of becoming ONENESS.

It was interesting that my guides directed my attention to the two continents of America for optimising the full moon energy of 29th and 30th September. For North America, I was provided with specific instruction to focus on channeling the Galactic transmission to Mount Shasta which serves as the epi-center of heart chakra of Earth’s 3D etheric body.

Located in the Cascade Range in northern California, Mt Shasta has long been an extremely sacred or even mystical power place for many Light Workers. One main reason is its deep connection with the ancient Lemurian history, in the likes of New Zealand and Hawaii. Information about Telos, the underground city of the Lemurians under Mt Shasta, is vastly available from Diane Robbins’ books.

I am told that today’s full moon activation of Mt Shasta, and all other energy portals in North America which are connected with it, will help to expediate the revival and awakening of the Lemurian blueprint held in Earth’s grid as well as activate the 12-strand DNA template in us – the star humans.

Go to 30 September Shasta Activation to participate in this portal activation work. This particular energy transmission was received at one of the gorgeous lakes in south island of NZ – Lake Ohau located in Twizel town, not far from Mount Cook. I am told Lake Ohau holds the third eye chakra energy of NZ.

One of our good friends in Singapore, Betty Lim, celebrated the recent Equinox at Mount Shasta. Betty has very kindly sent in a few marvelous pictures of Shasta (including the one above). Go to Shasta Photos to view and connect with Shasta’s majestic presence.

May this full moon in Libra/Aries awaken the inner peace, beauty and balance in you, Many blessings, Ann.