The ‘Rebirthing of the Lemurian Race for the New Earth’ workshops were conducted in Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong and New Zealand over the period July to September 2012. It was concluded in Christchurch in celebration of the Spring Equinox (photo below: “A Tribute to the Suns” Equinox Meditation, Christchurch).

One of the most valuable learnings from this program would be the teachings from the Alpha Centauri (AC) star nation. My AC guides, Zeena Takayana and Luminous, shared extensive information about their civilisation such as AC’s role in the Milky Way Galaxy, their genetic attributes and expertise, use of crystal technology for empowering AC’s social and infrastructural needs, AC’s specific contribution for actualising the human DNA potential etc. They also provided insights on the possible development on New Earth in the areas of medical, engineering, education, arts, agriculture, architecture etc.  Not only were Zeena’s and Luminous’s teachings interesting and informative, they were delivered with great love and respect for us, the light beings in human form.

Audio Recording Available

For ACAST friends who did not have the opportunity to attend any of these workshops, you may consider purchasing the live recordings of the AC teachings. The content of each channeling is different. They are available as a set of 5 MP3 tracks (SGD 15.00 per set):

  • 14 July Singapore Workshop (50 min)
  • 23 July Manila (34 min)
  • 18 August Hong Kong (20 min)
  • 1 September Singapore (25 min)
  • 22 September Christchurch (32 min)

To listen to sample track (5 min), click Alpha Centauri Channeling 18Aug2012.

To order, please email Ann at with the subject title  ‘Recording of AC Teachings’. Many blessings, Ann.


Judy Satori, world renowned Spiritual Teacher and Channel, recently shared: “from June 2012, upgraded and powerful energies will be transmitted to Earth.  This is not so much to prepare the Earth for a shift in vibration and in consciousness, but to prepare our minds to receive and interpret light-coded information on a deeply unconscious level.   The energies of this transmission will begin to shift brain power capacity from what is known, to what is not even at this time thought possible”. Specifically, these new and upgraded energies are genetic codes contributed by a star nation of our galaxy known as Alpha Centauri. To listen to Judy’s June and July 2012 full moon transmissions in relation to Alpha Centauri, go to